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Stephanie D. Singleton


About The Author ....

Stephanie Danine Singleton is an Akron, Ohio native. She has been fortunate to have shared her passions as an author, playwright and hairstylist on both East & West Coast. Her compassion for books and stage productions that motivate and empower is what inspires her to write compelling stories that are thought provoking while yet entertaining.

When not being creative, Stephanie enjoys exploring the world and spending time with her family and close friends.

About The Books ...

It has never been Stephanie's goal to become an author or playwright, however while servicing 20+years in the hair industry she continues to be surrounded by many life stories with unique and sometimes humorous experiences. These experiences would peak Stephanie's creative interest outside of learning the newest hair trends. Most often many of these stories would relate to struggles within relationships, resulting in either broken trust, lack of self-esteem and/or self – love issues.

  In turn, an opportunity and platform to be the voice of empowerment through writing and performing arts presented itself.

 Although Stephanie is no psychologist, she found her niche by empowering singles and helping those to discover self- love from within. Self-labeling herself as a Single-ologist she released a self-help book title Single-ology 101 8 Basic Steps to Enjoying the Single Life {hence the last name, the title seemed fitting}. 

Time would pass, yet her compassion remained the same - To Empower. ~

Stephanie's attention would soon be drawn to the cries of many of our children - caused by the many negative influences surrounding their lives. Their cries and her love for mentoring influenced her to release a children's book titled "The Adventures of Ryan & Riley and Mr. Teddy Bear." (Translated in both English and Spanish).  In addition she recorded and released an upbeat themed song for the book titled “Hey Mr. Teddy".

Stephanie and its books mascot “Mr. Teddy" have visited, read to, and entertained children at local libraries and youth shelters in various cities. As well as wining Honorable Mention at the Hollywood Book Festival.

A twist came for Stephanie's writing when faced with a though provoking epiphany. How could she continue to empower women who are single yet desire a healthy, committed, and loving relationship - all without presenting a preachy concept? Tastefully by collaborating her play writing skills with her self-help book Single-ology 101, Stephanie released her first fictional novel titled, "Act Like A Lady Think Like A Wife (When a man finds a wife he finds a good thing)."  

Not long after Stephanie would make her directorial debut with a short film that she also wrote and produced for the titled book.